Sitecore straight to datasource chrome plugin

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What it does

Sitecore S2D (formerly Sitecore STD - I changed the name for obvious reasons..!) is a chrome plugin which adds a hyperlink next to various link fields in the content editor which when clicked will jump you straight to the linked item referenced within the field.

example usage

S2D works on Droplinks, Treelists and Multilists.

Simply select an option within the field (which will be another item as this plugin works with link fields) on a Multilist or Treelist and a link to the item will be rendered next to the field. Click it to go to that item (rather than Raw Values -> Copy, Search.. etc).

Droplink datasource link gets rendered automatically and will update if you change selected item.

Why chrome plugins?

The Sitecore dev's are working like crazy right now.. there is some awesome new stuff to come, but every now and then I'd like to add my own features to the content editor. Chrome plugins are a great unobtrusive way of doing this. You can get new version independent features without having to install anything on the server.

Found bugs?

I hope not.. Let me know :-)

EDIT #1 Other resources

Thanks to Dheer Rajpoot for pointing out that there is also an awesome alternative in the form of a sitecore module on the marketplace by @ISlayTians (Mr Jon Robbins) which will give you similar functionality but for more field types. If you want something fast which requires no installation on each of your sitecore instances and covers the most common link types this chrome plugin should do the job for you otherwise download Jon's module - it looks fantastic:

Get it here

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