Go to Item, Go to DataSource - Huge update for Sitecore Hotkeys.

Sitecore Hotkeys is an ongoing experiment for me.

The idea was to build something useful and gradually add features to speed up how we use the Sitecore Content Editor. It is a chome extension so that no installaion is required within your projects, you can use it anywhere as long as you have Chrome installed! Great! Click the link above to install it. (It's worth it just for Alt+0)

New features for November

Paste to Item

This is pretty cool. have an Item Id on your system clipboard? Just press Ctrl+v (Standard paste) with the content editor open (not a focussed text box) and the item will be selected/loaded in the tree.

Go to DataSource

Within presentation details I've always wanted a Go to Datasource button. Alas we haven't got one yet but Alt+0 is the next best thing!

With the sublayout details dialog open press Alt+0. The Datasource item will load in a brand new window.



Sitecore Hotkeys is always changing and is still in BETA but it should work great. If it doesn't or you find a bug give me a shout.

Dave Leigh

Web, and long time Sitecore developer based in Bristol, UK, working at Valtech - valtech.co.uk - @valtech.
I occasionally do other things too.